About Membership

The Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers (MABL) is the leading minority bar association whose mission is to promote and support the professional development of Black lawyers, judges, and law students in Minnesota. To this end, MABL is committed to the overall goal of representing the interests of Black citizens and their community in the legal profession and in the judicial system throughout the state.

Member Benefits

A common question to be sure, but the value of any volunteer organization is directly defined by the willingness of its members to step up and contribute to its success. So the real question is what are you willing to do to increase the impact and relevance of your association?

  • Be in the Know.

    Receive updates and notices on current events, MABL and MABL-sponsored events and activities.

  • Get Client Referrals

    by posting your professional profile on the MABL web site to receive prospective client referrals

  • Network

    with lawyers, judges, other professionals and community leaders at MABL functions such as the annual Gala, happy hour mixers, holiday parties, boat rides and other social and professional events.

  • Showcase Your Talent.

    Allow MABL to help celebrate your successes by submitting your achievement to the Kudos Korner.

  • Let Your Voice be Heard

    by voting on matters important to the organization, including the election of officers and board members.

  • Give Back to Your Community

    by leading, participating, and volunteering in the various activities that MABL sponsors and is involved in each year.

Membership Levels

Attorney Private Practice

  • Private practice attorney who is admitted to practice and is in good standing before the bar of the highest court of any state

Attorney Public Sector

  • Public sector attorney who is admitted to practice and is in good standing before the bar of the highest court of any state

Retired or Inactive Attorney or Judge

  • Retired or inactive attorney or any member of the judiciary

Law Student

  • Any individual enrolled in an accredited law school

Paper Option

Filling out this 2022-2023 Membership Form and mail it, along with your payment check, to:
Minnesota Association of Black Lawyers
600 Nicollet Mall,
Suite 380
Minneapolis, MN 55402