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Strategic Plan

Why have a strategic plan?  The benefit of having a strategic plan is that it will prevent MABL from straying from its mission and vision, will help MABL stay focused, and will avoid cognitive dissonance when selecting programs/initiatives and explaining those selections to its members, stakeholders and constituents.

A copy of the three-year Strategic Plan (2017-2020) is available here.

The Strategic Plan focuses on the following 5 goals:

  • Goal 1: Promote and support the professional development of Black lawyers, judges, and law students in Minnesota.
  • Goal 2: Address the legal issues affecting the Black community in Minnesota.
  • Goal 3: Advance education, excellence, and racial equity in the pursuit of justice.
  • Goal 4: Improve MABL’s infrastructure.
  • Goal 5: Improve MABL’s communication with the Board, its members and the public.










Meet mabl


Amran Farah
Vice President:
Franklin Aba-Onu
Athena Hollins
Taylor Moore-Willis
At-Large Directors:  
Annsara Elasky
Angi Porter
Gloria Stamps-Smith 
Davida Williams
Lauren Yates
Immediate Past President:
Michael Essien

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